• Efflock now manufactured using renewable energy

    We're pleased to announce that Efflock and Effseal is now manufactured using renewable energy. Greenwashing is rife in all sorts of marketing nowadays, so we're not here to claim that our product doesn't have impacts, but from the outset in 2012, our business model has set out to tread as lightly as possible.

    In July 2023, we've just seen the earth's hottest month in at least 125,000 years, so global heating and reducing waste needs to be everyone's business. 

    Good vs Bad:

    -Our product is used in cement which is by itself responsible for 8% of global emissions. But when Efflock and Effseal is used, it helps to extend the longevity of buildings by preventing defects that can result in premature demolition. Less is more; we need to build more modest-sized buildings that are much higher quality and much more efficient. 

    -Our product comes in plastic bottles and those plastic bottles come in cardboard cartons from native forests. Plastic is a global problem, but because we sell Efflock and Effseal in a maximum concentrate, we are keeping that waste stream to a minimum. Many other building products and domestic products are sold in a weaker dilution, which sells more units to generate more profit, but it is more costly to our environment and the end user. 

    -Our maximum concentrate minimises transport and manufacturing emissions. Everything from the product and each layer of packaging and handling is mined, extracted, felled, processed, manufactured and transported. All these things are shipped across oceans, driven by trucks, driven by people who drive to and from work etcetera, etcetera. Our concentrate formula helps to minimise all these impacts. 

    -We use reclaimed cartons where possible. It doesn't look as flash, but where we can, we re-use cartons and packaging when we ship to our customers and re-sellers.

    -Lastly, on a personal level, we're endeavouring to cycle to and from work, we've just bought our first electric vehicle for other trips and we'll keep working towards doing better and financially supporting organisations who are helping to create change we desperately need. The climate crisis is now, and we need to pull out all stops for a safe future. 



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