Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet 

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What causes efflorescence?


Efflorescence is caused by water entering masonry. Water travels through the pores and dissolves soluble salts. In cement paste within concrete and mortar, the most problematic salt is known as 'free lime' (calcium hydroxide). Calcium hydroxide deposits then absorb carbon (carbonation), and become extremely stubborn to remove.

Efflorescence can also occur from atmospheric deposits or inherent salts in clay and aggregate. Efflorescence from inherent slats is often observed on face brickwork. Surface applied sealers such as our Hydrophobic Sealer for Masonry can prevent this type of efflorescence. 

How does Efflock prevent efflorescence?

Efflock creates a water repellent molecular structure within the pores of concrete. Should any small amount of moisture be absorbed, Efflock allows the controlled release of moisture while preventing salts from migrating to the evaporation point. 

We want to use Efflock in our tiling job. How far does 1 litre go? 

Using Efflock saves around 80% cost compared to the application of secondary membranes, and protects the tile adhesive and grout.

Efflock is designed to dilute 100 times to use as gauging water in the tile bed*, adhesive and grout.  

1 litre bottle    =   approx. 16m2, including 40mm tile bed, adhesive and grout

5 litre bottle    =   approx. 80m2, including 40mm tile bed, adhesive and grout

20 litre drum   =   approx. 320m2, including 40mm tile bed, adhesive and grout


How long does Efflock take to cure?

Efflock cures with the hydration of the cement. Inclement weather should be avoided for 24 hours.


Does Efflock affect the adhesion of other materials?

Applying Efflock does not change the appearance of any materials, and will not cause detrimental effect to the bond of subsequent adhesives or other coatings.


What is the cost for shipping?

Please see our 'Where to buy' page, there may be a local stockist near you.

Shipping for online purchases of Efflock is calculated automatically for each Australian state in the shopping cart section. 

We use Australia Post and established courier services for fast, reliable delivery.     


Do you ship internationally?

Efflock is available in Australia and New Zealand. We also have a limited amount of stock in the United Kingdom.

Please contact us at info@efflock.com.au to arrange other international shipping destinations.


Does Efflock come in different sizes? 

1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre sizes are available. One litre of Efflock dilutes 100 times, so it is incredibly economical, convenient and safe to transport.

The maximum concentrate formula is deliberate, to minimise packaging which we encourage to be recycled.


Can Efflock remove efflorescence?

Efflock is designed specifically for prevention. We currently don't sell an efflorescence remover, but may introduce one in future. There is already a huge range of efflorescence cleaning products available on the market because of course, efflorescence has been a big problem for a long time. 

Efflock can be used as a sealer on porous masonry to reduce or prevent an existing efflorescence problem returning. Details about the sealer are on our Technical Data Sheet. 


Feedback, questions or comments?

Please help us to improve our knowledge and our product by sharing your feedback and experience with Efflock or efflorescence.

Please let us know by email: info@efflock.com.au



Eco Liquids Pty Ltd, our chemical formula, and our Australian, New Zealand and European trademark "Efflock" has no connection to US based "EffLock". NewLook International registered the name in the United States a year after we began. A polite request to please withdraw the use of the name was ignored.