Introducing EFFLOCK and EFFSEAL

EFFLOCK is an advanced concrete additive to repel damp and lock efflorescence in many kinds of applications. Since 2012 it has grown to become a standard specification for screeds, tile adhesives, tile grout, brick mortar, roof tiling, stone masonry, render and pre-cast concrete products.

Efflock provides permanent hydrophobic impregnation of the entire concrete mass that is not compromised by cracking from building movement or traffic wear.  Water is controlled to prevent the migration of calcium hydroxide and other salts that cause leaching, slat attack and efflorescence. 

Also check out our new product EFFSEAL. This 10 times concentrate water repellent sealer is cost effective problem solver for many types of masonry. The hydrophobic effect of both these products provides an excellent additional barrier against waterproofing failure. 

Efflock is approved for use with these leading brands: