New product release in 2016:


     Quick reference instruction sheet when using Efflock in tiling:

    Quick reference instructions for bricklaying and render will appear in our Technical Data Sheet soon.

        Efflock prevents damp and efflorescence.

    EFFLOCK is an revolutionary product to redefine the way we build.

    Efflock is an advanced concrete additive to repel damp and lock efflorescence. It dilutes 100 times with water to mix with all types of cement-based building materials. Efflock's universal compatibility protects tile beds, tile adhesives, tile grout, brick mortar, render and concrete.

    Efflock provides permanent hydrophobic, bulk impregnation of the entire concrete mass that is not compromised by cracking from building movement or traffic wear.

    By using Efflock, efflorescence is prevented very effectively by controlling moisture entering the tiny pores of concrete that can dissolve free lime to cause efflorescence. To date, no other approach is as reliable or effective.

    The hydrophobic effect is a huge advantage when tiling wet areas such as bathrooms and balconies. Mould is dramatically reduced, and the Efflock impregnated materials form a primary barrier against waterproofing failure and capillary action. Waterproofing membranes no longer need to work under heavy saturation making them less vulnerable to failure.

    In bricklaying, stone masonry and render, Efflock will prevent rising damp and salt attack. Efflock provides an effective damp proof course within the mortar, and keeps off-white mortar clean by repelling water that carries dirt and feeds algae. 

    Efflock can even be used as a sealer! View more details in our Technical Data Sheet (996KB pdf)